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      1. 產品資料

        Astrodyne DIN導軌電源

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        產品名稱: Astrodyne DIN導軌電源
        產品型號: AS25/DRL,SD-25/DRL,DR-75 ,SP-75/DRL,PMMK150D
        產品廠商: Astrodyne
        產品文檔: 無相關文檔

        ASTRODYNE旨在滿足嚴格的工業環保要求 例如工廠自動化和過程,所有的投入 三重或四輸出48V直流

        Astrodyne DIN導軌電源 的詳細介紹

        Astrodyne DIN導軌電源

        DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies


        Designed to meet the rigorous industrial environmental requirements, such as factory automation and process control, Astrodyne's line of DIN Rail mountable power supplies are available in either fully-enclosed or enclosed cage modules (20-960 W). AC/DC models feature universal 90-264VAC inputs, while DC/DC models offer 9-72VDC inputs. All models have output adjustment pot and power-good LED indicators, and are available in single, triple or quad outputs from 3.3VDC to 48VDC. The new MDR20/40/60 slim line DIN Rail switching power supply series meets the rapidly growing demand for low wattage DIN Rail applications. Inside the control cabinet their tiny profile (with widths as low as 22.5mm) saves precious space on the industrial rail. Up to 88% efficient, the MDR family offers free air convection cooling up to 70°C. Some models are LPS rated for a no-load power consumption <0.75W. This unique characteristic significantly expands their use beyond just heavy industry, making them excellent choices for datacom or IT applications.

        • 20 Watts to 960 Watts Output Power
        • Modular and Cage enclosed Styles
        • AC/DC or DC/DC models
        • 3.3VDC to 48VDC Single Outputs
        • 100,000 Hour MTBF

        DIN Rail Series

        20 Watt Supplies
        25 Watt Supplies
        30 Watt Supplies


        40 Watt Supplies
        45 Watt Supplies
        50 Watt Supplies


        55 Watt Supplies
        60 Watt Supplies
        75 Watt Supplies


        100 Watt Supplies
        120 Watt Supplies
        150 Watt Supplies


        155 Watt Supplies
        200 Watt Supplies
        225 Watt Supplies


        240 Watt Supplies
        320 Watt Supplies
        350 Watt Supplies


        480 Watt Supplies
        960 Watt Supplies

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